What are peroxisomes?

by- Indra bhan

Image credit - google.com

The peroxisome is a cell organelle.

Peroxisomes are found in all Eukaryotic cells.

These were first observed by Rhodin (1954)  in kidney cells of rats and were named peroxisomes by Christian de Duve in 1965.

Peroxisomes are microbodies having a diameter of 0.5 - 1.5 nm.

Peroxisome structure -

These are bounded by single membranes and enclosed enzymes peroxidases and catalases,

And carry out oxidative reactions using molecular oxygen.

They produce hydrogen Peroxide through their degradative activity.

1. Uric acid oxidase 2. D-amino acid oxidase 3. Hydrolytic acid oxidase

The enzymes present are -